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Most Recent Update:

Launching K0dr.com

I’ve always wanted to create a site just for my open source projects. However, I have always hesitated to create it myself due to existence of established sites such as Instructables and Make::Projects (when it was around…is it back now?).

I’ve created the site now for two reasons:

  1. I’d like all my projects to have a consolidated and consistent home. This will provide an easy index to various other sites such as Instructables, GitHub, YouTube, etc.
  2. I want to use it myself as a build log and note space as I work and to preserve this for later reference. This is obviously different than what I would polish up and show as a finished result.

And so I present (mostly for myself, but you are welcome to peruse) K0DR.com

Active Projects:

These should be considered a work in progress. I will update the build logs as I am able.

CNC 3DP Cabinet

Creating a cabinet to hold my CNC router and enclose my 3d printer.


Adding network and sound to a stock R2D2 toy by embedding a Raspberry Pi.

Completed Projects:

These projects have reached a stable state. They may evolve based on use, but are ready to exhibited, forked, etc.


Version 2 of my ambient information display.


Version 1 of my ambient information display.

Potential Projects:

These are projects that I am likely to work on in the future...time permitting.


Convert a vintage photo flash gun into a lightsaber with sound effects and flash light.